Brave Hearts exists to provide a caring home where you can find faith in God and purpose in life.

Brave Hearts is in a period of transition. Jesus Christ is preparing the people and organization of Brave Hearts to move toward His good plan and purpose.  Check back to see our progress and the revelation of this ministry.


How You Can Help?
  • Pray for the ministry and the people involved
  • Pray for upcoming meetings with new partners
  • If the Spirit leads you to our door, follow His prompting. There is plenty for everyone to do 

Is there anything going on at Brave Hearts now? 

There is always something going on at Brave Hearts. Currently, there is a bible study on Friday nights at 6:30 pm. We are studying discipleship. Please join us.

Where did the Brave Hearts sign go?
We don't feel the need to have a sign anymore. Hopefully people in our community know who we are and what we do without a sign.

Brave Hearts
PO Box 525
Island Falls, ME 04747
(207) 463-2126

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